During the 2017 coffee harvest, we are collaborating with Grimace Films to produce a coffee documentary. Our aim is to provide an inside look into the reality of producers in the coffee growing region of Tarrazu in Zona de Los Santos, Costa Rica, where smallholder producing families have been growing coffee for generations. The documentary will focus heavily on the hands that grow coffee and what kind of life this work affords. We will follow the daily routines of three major social positions within this coffee growing region: Panamanian migrant harvesters, the actual farmers who own the land, and the intermediaries who facilitate export. Our goal is to document each of their lives on and off the farm and give our audience a greater understanding of the social implications coffee has on the world.

For three years Sound Coffee Collective has been leading social initiatives to help support farmers in the developing regions of Central America. During this period, we have spent extended time in the Tarrazu region where we developed strong relationships with members on each level of the social ladder. It was here that we discovered a story that is relevant for the masses that taps into the human spirit while exploring global themes such as a free market economy, the fight for justice and equality, climate change and its effect on smallholder agriculture, and ultimately the difficulties that arise during the endless pursuit of happiness. In all of our years participating in the coffee production of this region we believe that this year, during the 2017 coffee harvest, is the best possible timing to produce a documentary film.

Grimace Films is a filmmaking collective based out of California. We aim to tell stories worth telling. Together with Sound Coffee Collective, we aim to show the intricacies of tropical smallholder agriculture in the modern world; a largely misunderstood sector where the confluence of instantaneous communication technology, exploding global trade, and a relentless struggle by all parties to maintain dignified financial independence plays out on a breathtaking mountain landscape in the midst of irreversible transformation by a drastically changing climate. Rather than argue in defense or condemnation of a single angle of this complex reality, we will provide enough context for our audience to make an informed decision and educate themselves on the hidden complications of the tropical agriculture that produces our most beloved beverage.

The new wave of specialty coffee vows to practice environmental and social responsibility in our search for the best coffee, but in origin countries, we have a long way to go before it can be called financially and environmentally sustainable. The first step towards viable solutions is education and empathy, and our film will be that first step in the process of what we hope will be social change for a more sustainable global coffee industry.

We invite you to join us in that pursuit. Our goal is to raise $25,000 to bring this story to life. We believe it’s deeply important to be aware of our potential to affect change where it is need - in the power of individuals and businesses to influence systems and industries, ushering in dignity and equity where it may be lacking. Tarazzu is our expression of this. If this resonates with you, we hope you’ll consider giving financially to make it a reality. There are a few ways you can do this:

Become an Executive Producer: If you, your business, or organization would like to partner with Sound Coffee and Grimace Films by contributing $5,000 to the production of Tarrazu, we’ll make you an executive producer with full credits in the film and related marketing materials. You'll get VIP entry to our film premiere and a complimentary Sound coffee subscription for six months!

Become a Contributor: Any amount you can contribute toward our $25,000 goal is a huge help. For any donation over $500, your name will be listed as a contributor in the film credits, you and a guest will recieve tickets to the film premiere, and we’ll send you a bag of coffee produced by our friends in this region as a thank you.