About Us

Born in the fields and inspired by the culture of coffee growing communities, Sound Coffee developed alongside our own cultural movement that is pushing society towards an awareness regarding the food and drink that we buy and consume every day. Because coffee is a geographically isolated crop often growing in remote, underdeveloped parts of the world, we know that the stories and people that surround the production of coffee remain distant and obscure. Our goal is to show you the faces behind your coffee so that a regular routine can become a meaningful beginning to your day.

With coffee, it is small businesses and individuals who are the parts which make up the grander whole, the ones who work hard and represent the heart of the industry; yet they are the ones who are the least connected to one another, the least aware of what is happening on the other side, and the most affected by this lack of knowledge. Would consumers pay more, or just pay more attention when buying, if they knew the face and story of the hard working man who grew the very coffee they were drinking? Would farmers stand up for themselves if they knew the quality of and demand for the coffee they were growing? Would both parties receive a fuller enjoyment and satisfaction knowing the whole life story of this desirable little bean? We think so.