Coffee is more than just a drink. Each cup of coffee has a story behind it and many years of family tradition. People have spent a lot of time and effort and risk trying to make the best cup of coffee for your enjoyment. Most of the people who pick the coffee are outside in the hot sun all day long and only get paid about two dollars an hour. There are about 2,000 Panamanians in San Marcos alone that come with their families to pick this coffee during the three month harvest season. During these months they save up money to provide for their families for the rest of the year. In our fast-paced lives it is easy to forget to stop and appreciate how much effort was put into the coffee that you hold in your hands every morning. But, just like anything, if you stop and take the time, it makes it that much better. 

by Breanna Idema



Breanna Idema is a Sound Coffee representative who is currently working on the Montero coffee farms in Costa Rica through the 2015 harvest. She directly maintains our relationship with the Montero family and has become family to them in the process.



The Sound Coffee blog is a place where you can grow in your understanding and enjoyment of coffee. For us, coffee is all about relationships. The more we know about the people and stories that surround coffee, the more significant an event it becomes to enrich our daily lives. 


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