Costa Rica

Since 2014, every year we have returned to Costa Rica as a team to engage in the daily life of coffee growers during the most productive months of harvest. Through video and still photography we capture the everyday activities on the farm and produce videos and other promotional content for the farmers which they can use to market their coffee Stateside. 

Don Eli Montero was a Costa Rican coffee farmer all his life even though he was never able to own the farms he worked on. He told his sons from a young age, "I will never have money or property to pass on to you but I will teach you how to work hard and live an honest life. With these two things you can live in happiness and prosperity." Today, Manuel and Carlos Montero each own several farms and built a micro-mill in 2013 naming it Beneficio Don Eli after their father, who gave them everything you need in life: hope, determination, and good-will. For the first time in their family history the Montero's are able to produce their own coffee and sell it in the specialty market.

Over the years, the Sound Coffee team has maintained a dynamic relationship with the Montero's and continue working to market their coffee Stateside. We have been hosted for months at a time with their family in Costa Rica and in return have hosted Marianela Montero in California, introducing her to the contemporary retail coffee scene for the first time. Nela's visit with us sprung her into a year long coffee expedition around the world interning with coffee businesses in California, Australia, and Europe. Through this exchange our knowledge and passion for coffee has grown and for the Monteros, the everyday process of growing coffee has been dignified as they experience their coffee being enjoyed around the world. Learn about her travels at


We're proud of the design we came up with to brand the Montero farm.
Our goal was to develop a simple logo that is memorable and represents a cultural element of Costa Rica.

The next step was building a website. We know it is crucial for farmers in order to stay connected with the
global coffee community.


Finally, we designed coffee bags, business cards, and pamphlets that would help the Montero's grab the attention of potential customers and visitors
to their farm.